Next-level creative FX plugin
Mutate your sound like never before with Shed Loads Of Resonators

The Butterfly Effect

Transform the simplest sonic event into the huge, the complex, the seismic. SLOR’s brand new audio-reactive processing algorithms mutate and augment your sound like never before. Build out an entire track from a single beat by transforming it into bass, chords and percussive FX, turn background noise into a cinematic soundscape or live-process an acoustic instrument for a mind-bending performance.

Infinite resonators,
infinite possibilities

SLOR’s swarm of ground-breaking infinite resonators take sonic manipulation into new territory, blurring the lines between FX processing and synthesis.

Infinite resonators use a special algorithm to control the feedback path to allow transformations which are both extreme and tightly controlled. This is what gives SLOR the power to add subtle atmospheres, bend beats into chords and melodies or set up autonomous compositions and morph continuously between all of these.

Deep sound design
in no time

SLOR’s interface is incredibly straight-forward and tweakable for an effect with so much power. Explore ideas and make radical transformations quickly without menu-diving - and if you want to explore further there’s plenty of depth hidden in the ‘+’ pages just one click away from the front panel. Make big waves in your production using features such as live transient detection, envelope following, morphing, parametric polyphonic LFOs, polyphonic scale mapping, swarm pattern switching and much more.